Beet Root Salad

Beet root salads are very much in fashion as the return to the 70’s for Fall ‘15. The bold red and bright yellow vegetables are making appearances on many menus and for good reason. The slight sweetness and pop of colour make any dish bright and exciting. Not only do

Celiac Disease…

So, I didn’t find out till just recently that I have celiac disease. Boy let me tell you I cried for DAYS when I realized I couldn’t drink beer anymore or eat real pizza. But hey, I don’t feel like royal shit daily anymore since I made the switch. I

Gluten Free Cannoli Cream Puff Pastry

Gluten Free Cannoli Cream Puff PastryThese cream puffs are sweet, tender, stuffed with an irresistible cannoli cream filling and topped with just a sprinkle of powdered sugar. Enjoy this traditional French pastry with an Italian twist, or fill it with whatever sweet treat you’re craving. You won’t believe how deceptively easy they are to make

A Guide To Making Healthy Granola

A Guide To Making Healthy Granola  I have decided that I don’t particularly want to provide exact recipes on my blog anymore, instead I want to give you the ideas and inspirations behind different dishes, because if I’m really honest with you I never follow recipes I just get an idea

First Post! – Lärabar Banana Bread

Hello all! I am so very excited to create my first post on this blog. As a disclaimer, I must say that I am not a registered dietitian or any kind of medical professional, but merely a girl who has a mild obsession with nutrition bars! With that being said

How it feels to have an actual gluten allergy.

Let me just tell you about the worst day of my life.  After years of dealing with the world’s worst stomach issues, I finally found a doctor who was willing to listen.  After my fair share of blood work and various other tests she said the words that no one