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Celiac Disease…

So, I didn’t find out till just recently that I have celiac disease. Boy let me tell you I cried for DAYS when I realized I couldn’t drink beer anymore or eat real pizza. But hey, I don’t feel like royal shit daily anymore since I made the switch. I

First Post! – Lärabar Banana Bread

Hello all! I am so very excited to create my first post on this blog. As a disclaimer, I must say that I am not a registered dietitian or any kind of medical professional, but merely a girl who has a mild obsession with nutrition bars! With that being said

How it feels to have an actual gluten allergy.

Let me just tell you about the worst day of my life.  After years of dealing with the world’s worst stomach issues, I finally found a doctor who was willing to listen.  After my fair share of blood work and various other tests she said the words that no one

Most Important Meal of the Day

This glorious picture is from The Original Pancake House in St. Louis. They had a GF menu and they brought the GF pancakes on a red plate so they couldn’t get mixed up. Honestly, I think the red plate is more necessary to assure me those pancakes were

the big question

We were so gratefully referred on to the gastrointestinal specialists at BC Children’s Hospital. We arrived at our first appointment in the spring of 2014 and proceeded to tell the Dr everything I could remember about our one year battle thus far. He asked me questions and I did

Day 1 Gluten Free

We all have to start somewhere. This is my day 1 of gluten free dieting. Dieting, i hate that word. I prefer lifestyle. Gluten Free lifestyle. My main goal is to give you insight on what the lifestyle entails, how it makes me feel, and benefits & downfalls to it


I’m sure many of you have heard how Aldi is now carrying a gluten free line; LiveGFree. Was I excited when I heard the news? Heck yes I was. I remember a few months back when the briefly had the products in the stores, but it was only for

Gluten Free Dining gone wrong?

I went out to eat with the family tonight at a restaurant that is usually pretty good about dealing with my needs. However, tonight we had a new waitress and a new menu. The waitress was really confused by my questions and had to go back and forth to the